AtomVie Global Radiopharma Collaborates with RLS & UPPI to Strengthen its Existing U.S. Radiotherapeutic Distribution Network

HAMILTON, ON and LAKE MARY, FL February 22, 2024 AtomVie Global Radiopharma Inc. (AtomVie), a leading radiopharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), is proud to announce strategic collaborations with RLS Radiopharmacies and UPPI LLC. (UPPI), two industry leaders in radiopharmacy and logistics. This strategic move is poised to enhance AtomVie’s logistics capabilities within the United States, ensuring the widespread distribution of high-quality radiopharmaceuticals by implementing RLS and UPPI as key partners within AtomVie’s existing U.S. distribution network. AtomVie specializes in the GMP manufacturing and global distribution of radiopharmaceuticals, RLS the only Joint Commission-accredited radiopharmacy network in the U.S., owns and operates 31 radiopharmacies covering more than 80% of the United States population, and UPPI, organized as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), brings extensive capabilities in logistics and distribution.

Radiopharmaceuticals play a pivotal role in precision medicine solutions, providing innovative and promising treatments for various cancer indications. Recognizing the logistics challenges associated with radiopharmaceuticals, given their short half-lives and the critical importance of timely administration; AtomVie, together with RLS and UPPI will bolster its distribution capabilities and allow life-saving treatments to reach more patients.

“Our commitment to transforming patient lives through high-quality radiopharmaceuticals is at the core of this partnership with RLS and UPPI,” commented Bruno Paquin, CEO of AtomVie. He added “These collaborations strengthen our ability to deliver critical radiopharmaceuticals to more locations, ensuring timely access for patients who rely on the products. These partnerships not only meet the current demand but position us for future growth, as we meaningfully expand our manufacturing capacity and add commercial-scale capabilities.”

Under the agreements, AtomVie will leverage RLS’s and UPPI’s extensive radiopharmacy network, as the companies aim to swiftly deliver radiopharmaceuticals to healthcare providers.

RLS CEO Stephen Belcher expressed confidence in the partnership’s impact on patient care, stating, “Radiopharmaceuticals begin to decay very rapidly, and it is critical that they reach patients in a safe and timely manner. That’s why this partnership is so important. We are the last mile experts, and by adding our radiopharmacies to its network, AtomVie can ensure its portfolio of life-enhancing therapeutic and diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals reach the right place at the right time, every time.”

John Witkowski, President of UPPI highlighted the partnership’s impact, promoting greater accessibility and enhanced well-being for individuals, stating “This partnership is a significant step forward in improving access to life-saving radioisotope-based therapeutics and diagnostics. It reflects our joint commitment to delivering precision medicine solutions for patients across the nation.”

As leaders in their respective fields, AtomVie, RLS, and UPPI bring unique expertise to this strategic partnership, offering seamless radiopharmaceutical solutions and emphasizing their collective goal to revolutionize patient care by providing consistent access to high-quality radiopharmaceutical options nationwide.

About AtomVie Global Radiopharma Inc.

AtomVie Global Radiopharma Inc. (AtomVie) is a global leading CDMO for the GMP manufacturing and worldwide distribution of clinical and commercial radiopharmaceuticals. AtomVie offers the full range of scientific, technical, regulatory, quality, logistics and business expertise combined with a specialized infrastructure for the development of radiopharmaceuticals from clinical studies to the commercial marketplace. AtomVie currently serves international clients conducting studies in over 20 countries worldwide. AtomVie is currently building a state-of-art purpose-built, scalable facility of >70,000 sq ft in Hamilton Ontario that is set to be ready in late 2024. For more information, visit


About RLS Inc.

RLS Radiopharmacies (Radioisotope Life Sciences) owns one of the largest radiopharmacy networks in the U.S., with 31 radiopharmacies covering more than 80% of the population. The company also offers an extensive portfolio of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical products. RLS endeavors to supply the highest quality radiopharmaceuticals in the industry by dispensing 100 percent of injectable unit dose products in clean rooms built to ISO 1644-1 specifications. In support of its commitment to quality, RLS provides tailored solutions and exceptional service to more than 1,500 customers. For more information, please visit



Established in 1998, UPPI has become a leader in traditional nuclear medicine and in the rapidly growing field of theranostics. Representing more than 60 independent and institutional operating sites across the country, UPPI provides its members national strength in buying relationships as well as access to customizable local programs that advance the professionalism of the industry. For more information, visit: