RLS is America’s only Joint Commission-accredited radiopharmacy network. This important designation affirms that our state-of-the-art practices and facilities meet rigorous standards, guaranteeing compliance, continuous improvement and extraordinary care. With 31 radiopharmacies upholding this prestigious standard, we ensure our customers receive safe and reliable access to best-in-class, life-saving radiopharmaceuticals. Whether you need help with product orders, product information, or any other aspect of doing business with RLS, our team is always available to help.

Unit Dose Technetium

  • Tc99m NaTc04
  • Tc99m HDP
  • Tc99m PYP
  • Tc99m MDP
  • Tc99m DTPA renal
  • Tc99m DTPA aerosol
  • Tc99m Sulfur Colloid
  • Tc99m MAA

  • Tc99m Exametazime WBC
  • Tc99m Mebrofenin
  • Tc99m Sestamibi
  • Tc99m Exametazime
  • Tc99m Mertiatide
  • Tc99m Tetrofosmin
  • Tc99m Bicisate
  • Tc99m Filtered Sulfur Colloid

Tc99m Damaged RBC


  • Tl-201 Chloride
  • Ga-67 Citrate
  • NaI I-123 Cap
  • I-123 Iobenguane
  • I-123 Ioflupane
  • In-111 Chloride
  • In-111 DTPA (Pentetate Indium Disodium In-111)

  • In-111 Labeled WBC
  • In-111 Pentetreotide
  • Ga-68 Dotatate
  • Ga-68 PMSA
  • Cu-64 Dotatate
  • Xe-133 Gas
  • I-131 Compounded Therapy Capsule

In-111 Oxine (Indium 111 Oxyquinoline Solution)

Cold Kits

  • HDP Kit
  • Pyrophosphate Kit
  • MDP Kit
  • DTPA Kit
  • Sulfur Colloid Kit
  • MAA Kit

  • Tetrofosmin Kit
  • Sestamibi Kit
  • Mebrofenin Kit
  • Kit for Tc99m labeled RBC (Ultratag™)
  • Exametazime Kit Nonstabilized
  • Exametazime Kit Stabilized

Bicisate Kit

Custom Services

  • Our industry partnerships allow us to offer you a full range of high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic products to meet the needs of your patients.
  • Whether it is a few consumables or a full hot lab, RLS is here to provide your ancillary products.
  • Test-related kits, accessories, and pharmaceuticals for the lab are also available.
  • Health Physics services and equipment calibration.


  • Tc-99m lead shield generators ranging from 1000 mCi-18000 mCi

  • Weekend delivery available

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